passenger car crash injury

Compensation for Passenger Injury in a Car Accident

Seeking Compensation for Passenger Injury

Passengers Injured In Car Accidents Have Multiple Avenues of Recovery


When an accident is imminent, it is human nature for the driver to swerve and attempt to take the impact on a part of the car furthest from them. Sadly, this usually results in the impact being on a portion of the car that might be filled with passengers and therefore results in passenger injury.


If you or a loved one sustain a passenger injury while in the car of a friend or family member, you will need the assistance of a personal injury attorney. There are many different circumstances to consider, and only a personal injury attorney can advise you on which compensation path to take in your passenger injury case.


Sometimes, the driver of the third vehicle is at fault for the passenger injury claim. If the driver fails to stop for a Stop sign, runs a red light, or makes some other type of roadway infraction, they will be liable to you as the passenger of the vehicle they struck. If their insurance limits are not sufficient to compensate you for your passenger injury, or even worse if they do not have insurance, you will be able to seek compensation from your friend or family members’ insurance company.


Other times, it is your friend or family member who is at fault for your passenger injury. Whether a simple mistake that causes a crash, or something more serious like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you as the passenger are entitled to compensation for your injuries. Your friend or family member pays insurance premiums, and as an injured passenger you need to make sure the insurance company meets their obligation to compensate you. This can be accomplished by hiring a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the passenger injury occurs.


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