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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Will?

Once you realize that you need a will to dispose of your assets in the way you seem fit, you will ask yourself “Do I need a lawyer for a will?”. You may be considering using an online legal aid website, or even just writing down your wishes yourself. There are two big reasons you need a wills attorney to help write your will: planning and enforceability.

The first reason you need an attorney to help write your will is planning. The attorney can guide you to making a proper and exhaustive list of your property for inclusion in the will. They can counsel you to identifying the list of family members, friends, and organizations that you wish to provide for after your death. Finally, they can assist with decided how you should go about using your assets and property to provide your desired level of support for each individual or institution.

The second reason you need an attorney to help you write a will is enforceability. Connecticut has it’s own precise laws about will enforceability.Missing one of the strict requirements, for example number of witness and even color of signing ink, can make the entire will unenforceable. Further, there are certain things your are forbidden by law from being in your will. Attempting to do certain forbidden things with your property will either get your wishes nullified, or could even make the entire will unenforceable.

If you want to make a thorough and exhaustive plan and be sure that your wishes are honored, you should seek the help of a wills attorney.