Real Estate Attorney Danbury CT

Ready to Buy a Home in Danbury?

Buying Real Estate is not like most legal cases. There is no "opposition". The deal is mutually beneficial: one person wants to buy a house, the other wants to sell it. In fact, by the time the attorney gets involved the deal is mostly negotiated. Therefore, the role of the real estate attorney is not an aggressive one. The role of a real estate attorney is to handle the huge amount of paperwork involved in the transfer of real property, so that their client is protected and gets what they are paying for.

There will be vast amounts of paperwork when you buy your Danbury home. Contracts. Contingencies. Mortgages. Appraisals. Inspections. Receipts for Repairs. Contractor Licenses. Land Records. Title Searches. Title Reports. Municipal Searches and Reports. Oil Readings. Water Usage. Tax Bills. Some documents are dependent on the completion of others, so management of the document timeline becomes very important and often intense. Multiply by the fact there is a client, an attorney, and a real estate agent on each side, and you have an interdependent web of individuals who all need to be kept on the same page.

What's my point? You do not need an attorney who is good at jumping down throats and bad at returning phone calls. You need an experienced real estate attorney who is trustworthy, deliberate, prompt, attentive, good at communicating, and has one of those really big calendars on his desk.

Let me show you why I am the right attorney to help you buy your Danbury home. Use our contact form below to schedule a free consultation, either by phone or in person, where we can discuss the process of buying a house in Danbury and address any specific questions you may have.

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