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Like many industries, the entertainment industry has certain specifications when it comes to contract law. Further, whether you are a musician, an athlete or an actor, there are specialized circumstances which the entertainment contract must cover, and specialized laws that govern the terms of the entertainment contract.

Many times, entertainment agreements are made without a written contract. This is dangerous for both the entertainer or athlete, and the establishment looking to hire them. There is too much room for misunderstanding, changed minds and forgetfulness without a written entertainment contract.

Other times, entertainers and athletes are simply handed entertainment contracts to sign by the venue or sports team. The entertainer or athlete will not bother to read the entertainment contract. This causes multiple issues. The first is that the entertainer or athlete will not know the exact terms of the entertainment contract. They may have agreed to terms they would never agree to had they known. In the future, they may be in breach of the entertainment contract and not even know it, because they never read the terms.

Lets assume the entertainer or athlete does read the entire entertainment contract and negotiates some terms for him or her self. The entertainment contract may contain terms that are unenforceable, but the entertainer or athlete continues to abide by them. The terms that the athlete negotiated for them self may end up to not be enforceable, and the other party might have zero repercussions for not meeting those terms.

All of these problems could be avoided by hiring a contracts attorney who understands the special restrictions and considerations of the entertainment industry. You will also need a contracts attorney who understands the different sectors of the entertainment industry and the special needs of musicians, athletes and actors.

We can explain the terms of a prospective entertainment contract, draft entertainment service contracts from scratch, and handle negotiations with employers or entertainers. To schedule your appointment contact me today by email at Glouzgal@grgllp.com,

Call 1-203-794-6691 or Request a Call Back