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The concept of what will happen to your, or a loved ones, property after a death is one that few people want to consider. However, what happens to your personal property essentially becomes your legacy. By creating a thorough Will, you can control your legacy, while at the same time minimizing the negative affects that money can have on familial relations.

We offer Flat Fee Estate Planning so that you can be sure there are no hidden costs. We offer living wills and healthcare directives including power of attorney. Our usual advance directives package also includes a HIPAA waiver and a durable POA. This makes sure you family is properly informed, empowered, and protected from making difficult decisions that can cause internal family conflict. To read more on our living will documents please click here.

At G&G Law, LLC, we can help you protect your legacy by creating a solid Will or Trust that contains your wishes. We can help you outline the people and organizations you want to support, identify the property you own that should be included in the Will or Trust, and discuss options such as creation of trusts or owning property as joint tenants.


Call 1-203-794-6691 or Request a Call Back