Truck Accidents

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Truck accidents are very common on Connecticut highways. It seems that not a week goes by that there isn’t a car related crash on I-95, I-84 or the Merritt Parkway.

Truck accidents, while not as common as car accidents, are usually far more devastating. The weight of a truck means more momentum, making it harder stop, and making the impact force much stronger.

There are also many things truckers due to create hazards on the road. Lane violations are common and can cause accidents when other drivers expect the truck not be in certain lanes. Trucking companies often overwork their drivers, causing a lack of attentiveness and slower response times in exhausted truck drivers. truck accidents are also caused by tire blowouts and ice/snow sheets coming off the trucks.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you need to make sure everyone is safe and take pictures of people, the vehicles, and the road if possible. You need to seek medical attention and begin the road to recovery. You then need to contact a personal injury attorney so that they can help you handle your truck accident claim.

The truck company and their insurance company will have well trained adjusters and lawyers that know exactly what to say and do to pay you less money for your injuries. They will attempt to place blame on you and will try to get you to make recorded statements they hope to later use against you. DO NOT LET THEM! Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION WITH NO OBLIGATION by email at,

Call 1-203-794-6691 or Request a Call Back