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Leases & Evictions

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At G&G Law, LLC we help the owners of property protect their financial and legal interest by drafting custom leases, and by representing landlords when things turn sour and they must file and action for eviction.

If you are looking to rent out real estate property you MUST have a written, signed lease that outlines the lease agreement. In Connecticut, the statute of frauds requires that all real estate transactions be memorialize in a contract with specific requirements in order for the landlord to be able to enforce his rights, such as payment of rent and right to evict. You will want a custom lease drafted that address your specific needs. After a meeting with the client to discuss needs and goals of the rental arrangement, we can draft a custom lease that addresses those needs and goals.

If your landlord/tenant situation has taken a turn for the worse, we can help negotiate a resolution to the issues. If negotiation with the tenant does not yield results, we can file an eviction notice on behalf of our client.

Make sure your interests are protected and your liabilities limited by allowing G&G Law, LLC to draft a custom lease for your real estate rental needs or by helping you resolve an eviction matter. Contact us today by email at,

Call 1-203-794-6691 or Request a Call Back