Start a Business in Connecticut for $875 – CT LLC Formation Package

Connecticut LLC Formation Package – Start a Business in Connecticut for $875

We want to write this post to bring more attention to a flat fee service we offer to the those looking to start a business in Connecticut, our LLC Formation Package. We believe that there are two things holding people back from starting a business: cost and “the unknown”. Our LLC Formation Package is meant to address both of those roadblocks.

The LLC Formation Package is $875 and includes the State and Federal paperwork you need to begin a limited liability company, including State filing fees with expedited service. Just register in the town the business is in and the business is ready to go. We even help the partners/members draft the Operating Agreement. This makes legal services for business formation affordable for most business budgets.

We eliminate the unknown by making sure our clients are properly registered with the Secretary of State, the CT Department of Revenue Services, and everybody’s favorite, the IRS. We also make sure that you know of any business licenses you will need to conduct business in CT, depending on your industry. We review local zoning laws to make sure your business can operate  where you need it to.

Business owners need to focus their time and energy on running the business. Have piece of mind that your business is compliant and that your paperwork was coordinated by a trained and experienced legal professional.

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