Slippery Roads and Sun Glare Cause Fatal Four Car Accident in Brookfield CT

Slippery Roads and Sun Glare Cause Fatal Four Car Accident in Brookfield CT

31-year-old New Milford Woman Fatal Injured in Four Car Pile Up

A gruesome car accident occurred this past Monday on Route 25/Whisconier Road in Brookfield. Icy conditions and glare for southbound drivers caused a four car pile up, resulting in one death.

The multi-car accident began when a minivan stopped for a school bus and was rear ended by a Toyota Corolla causing minor damage to both vehicles. As the drivers were exchanging insurance information a third vehicle, a Honda Fit, driven by 31-year-old New Milford resident Erin Morrarty, side swept the Toyota.

Ms. Morrarty exited her vehicle and was standing behind the Toyota when a fourth car, a Jeep Cherokee driven by 24-year-old Ryan Derrig, struck Morrarty and then the Toyota, pinning the woman between the two vehicles.

Morrarty was rushed to Danbury Hospital. Sadly, she was pronounced dead soon after arriving.

While the car accident is still under investigation, Police believe the cause was a combination of slippery conditions and bad visibility. Police have not said whether speed, distracted driving or some other form of reckless driving was involved in causing the car accident.

Ice and snow reflect a lot of light, and glare can become a big problem during the winter months. When you combine a lack of visibility with slippery roads, it becomes difficult for drivers to anticipate and react to road hazards. Sometimes the road hazard is ice and snow itself, and sometimes it is an accident that was already caused by the slippery conditions. Maintaining a proper speed for conditions, and reducing speed when encountering poor visibility, are tactics that should always be employed.

If you are in a car accident, do not exit your vehicle immediately. Wait until it is safe to do so, and then make sure to move a sufficient distance from the crash site.

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