What Do I Do If I Can’t Pay My Accident Related Medical Bills?

Ambulance costs. Emergency Room visits. Hospital stays. Surgery. Long Term Recovery. General Physician visits. Medical Specialists for every part of the body. If you are injured in a car accident or some other type of roadway collision, you will have medical bills that quickly stack up. The more severe your injuries are the longer you will be out of work and the higher the total bills will get. You will start asking yourself, What Do I Do If I Can’t Pay My Accident Related Medical Bills?

The first option is to have your bills submitted to your health insurance company. They should pick up the expenses, but you will have to pay your deductible. It is possible that your health insurance company denies the claims depending on your level of coverage. It may also be necessary for you to see medical specialists such as neurologists or ophthalmologists, either for further treatment or to attain a disability rating. If your health insurance company does not see this as medically necessary, they will not pay for the medical visits.

This is where a personal injury attorney can help you get some peace of mind. If a personal injury attorney accepts your case, they can send a letter of protection to your medical providers. The letter of protection states that when your personal injury claim is resolved, the attorney takes it upon them self to pay the medical provider for services reasonably rendered on injuries sustained in the accident leading to the personal injury claim. The doctor does not have to accept the letter protection, but many do, and your personal injury attorney can help you find medical providers that will accept a letter of protection.

Clients need to keep in mind that the letter of protection is limited in scope to injuries that arose out of the accident leading to the personal injury claim and the services rendered must be reasonable in amount and cost.

The Law Office of Eugene Glouzgal, LLC represents clients injured in personal injury claims and offers our clients letters of protection so that their worries can be alleviated. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, pedestrian accident or any type of road way accident in Connecticut, contact us today.