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Real Estate

Danbury Area Real Estate Attorney

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I can help those seeking to sell or purchase real estate property navigate the real estate closing process. Whether selling or buying a home, a business location, or an investment property, I help my clients limit their liability and meet their financial needs.

I represent both buyers and sellers in closing transactions. While the exact steps are different when representing a client in a sale or purchase of real estate, the services I offer are similar: I assist in negotiating and drafting the sales contract, compile information on mortgages and liens, and handle the flow of money through escrow, all the while making sure my clients interests are protected from legal and financial liability. Read more on my real estate closing services.

If you are looking to rent out real estate property but need a custom lease drafted, I can help you at a very reasonable cost. After a meeting with the client to discuss needs and goals of the rental arrangement, I can draft a custom lease that address those needs and goals. Read more on my Landlord/Tenant services.

If you own or are looking to buy property for a specific use, I can help you figure out if your use is allowed by local zoning regulations. I can also assist in filing special using permits with zoning, including town hall filings and zoning board meetings. Read more on my land use and zoning services.

Make sure all your bases are covered, your interests protected and your liabilities limited by allowing G&G Law, LLC to organize and facilitate your real estate transactions. Contact us today by email at Glouzgal@grgllp.com,

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CT Estate & Probate Attorney

Estate Planning

Flat Fee Estate Planning

Living Will/Healthcare Directives, Last Will & Testament & Trusts

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The concept of what will happen to your, or a loved ones, property after a death is one that few people want to consider. However, what happens to your personal property essentially becomes your legacy. By creating a thorough Will, you can control your legacy, while at the same time minimizing the negative affects that money can have on familial relations.

We offer Flat Fee Estate Planning so that you can be sure there are no hidden costs. We offer living wills and healthcare directives including power of attorney. Our usual advance directives package also includes a HIPAA waiver and a durable POA. This makes sure you family is properly informed, empowered, and protected from making difficult decisions that can cause internal family conflict. To read more on our living will documents please click here.

At G&G Law, LLC, we can help you protect your legacy by creating a solid Will or Trust that contains your wishes. We can help you outline the people and organizations you want to support, identify the property you own that should be included in the Will or Trust, and discuss options such as creation of trusts or owning property as joint tenants.


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What Do I Do If I Can’t Pay My Accident Related Medical Bills?

Personal Injury Attorney

Brookfield CT Personal Injury Attorney

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When you or a loved one is injured in an accident due to the fault of another there are many questions that race through your mind:

  • How will we pay for medical bills?
  • How will we pay our regular bills, with all the time missed from work?
  • Who will pay to repair or replace my car and other personal property that was lost?
  • Who will care for my children?
  • Who will care for me?

The only thing that will put your mind at ease is answers. So what should you do?

The first thing you need to do is seek medical attention for your injuries and any injuries sustained by members of your family. Your health is of primary concern. Follow all doctors orders.

You might consider calling insurance companies; either your own or the at fault party’s. Before you do this, you need to understand that an insurance adjusters primary goal is not to get you full compensation for your injuries. The goal of an insurance adjuster is to minimize the losses to their employer, the insurance company. Your insurance company will tell you that if the other person is at fault, call their insurance company and start a claim. When you call the at fault party’s insurance company, they will want to put some, if not all, of the blame on you. The insurance company will want you to make a recorded statement, claiming it is necessary to process your claim. Do Not Do This! They are hoping to get information they can use against you. Even a seemingly innocent question such as “How are you?”, answered in passing as “I’m ok.” can be later used in court as prior inconsistent statement when you claim injuries.

What you need to do is contact a personal injury attorney. When you get an attorney to represent you in a personal injury matter, they are ethically bound to do that which is in your best interest. A personal injury attorney will fight to get you reimbursed for lost property, medical expenses and lost wages, and compensated for mental and physical suffering you may have dealt; with including permanent disability.

G&G Law, LLC brings the hospitality of small town law office services to the personal injury representation arena. Large firms lure you in with television commercials, flashy offices and big time partners, then pass your case file along to an associate attorney or paralegal. We offer case management that is client centered and attorney driven. We use technology to keep our clients updated throughout the entire personal injury process.

Contact us today for free consultation and so we can further explain our personal injury process to you.

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russian speaking attorney

Russian Speaking Attorney

Russian Speaking Attorney in Danbury Connecticut

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Connecticut has a large and blossoming Russian speaking community. Often, even with a thorough knowledge of the English language, Russian speaking clients prefer to have a Russian speaking attorney so they can be counseled in their native language.

Being an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I speak fluent Russian in a conversational manner. My Russian speaking abilities allow me to conduct entire client consultations in Russian, or use it to better explain complex parts of the legal process while otherwise conducting business in English. This is done depending on the needs of the client.

While my expertise happen to be in the fields of real estate, personal injury and small business consulting, I am capable and willing to help those in need by referring them to other attorneys specializing in their needs, while remaining involved in the process to make sure the Russian speaking client is comfortable, fully informed, and that all of their requests and preferences are given proper acknowledgement.

If you need the services of a Russian speaking attorney, contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION WITH NO OBLIGATION by email at Glouzgal@CTAttorney.us or by phone:

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Why Hire Me?

Why Hire Me?

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5 Reasons to Hire Attorney Eugene Glouzgal

One of the most common questions from prospective clients is “Why should I hire your law office?”

In anticipation of that question, below you will find a countdown of the top 5 reasons to hire me:

5. Attorney for Life – My well rounded nature allows me to offer an array of legal services. Real estate, personal injury, small business, estate planning : hire me for one task and find your attorney for life.

4. Low Fees – I am a young attorney with a relatively small office, no employees and low overhead. This is done with intent. I believe everybody should be able to afford adequate legal representation. By keeping my costs down I am able to charge very competitive rates compared to other “more established” attorneys who must charge their clients to cover their inflated overhead.

3. Come Meet Me (it’s free) – The reason I offer free consultations to all my clients is because I want them to come meet me. I want to know my clients, and I want them to know me. I want to show my clients I am the right attorney for their case, but more importantly, to build long term relationships. Come meet me, it’s free and there is no obligation, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

2. Easy to reach thanks to technology – Tired of leaving your attorney voicemail that take days to return, only to result in a perplexing game of phone tag? The modern legal and business environment requires that attorneys spend a lot of time out of their offices. This can result in a break down in communication and ultimately, frustrated clients. I use technology to make sure I can always be reached; my cell phone and iPad are always with me so I can check e-mails from anywhere, and my office voicemails get e-mailed to me with a recording of the message and the message typed out so it can be read privately.

1. Attorney Attention – I have no associate attorneys, no paralegals, no legal assistants and no receptionist. When you call our office, an attorney will answer the phone. When a document is drafted, it is drafted by an attorney, not a legal assistant. My phone calls and e-mails are not pre-screened. Most importantly, you will not be signed on by a fancy “partner” attorney, just to have your file handled by somebody else.

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